A major section of the Food processing industry deals with drying of agricultural products for better preservation, long term storage, gaining higher profit on product after season is over from exports.

In India, a large portion of the drying is still done by drying the product out in the sun. This not only takes a lot of time - usually in days, but is also very unhygienic because of possible contamination, growth of fungus and also the dried product becomes under dried or over dried, which reduces product value and resulting in monetary losses.

A more effective way is the use of Solar Dryers, they increase moisture removal rate and reduce chances of contamination and fungus. The use of Solar Dryers reducing your drying time allows you to increase your production level in quantity & quality and retains its original test and odor.

For high production capacities, however, it is best to opt for bio mass fired dryers, as solar dryers require a lot of space. These biomass fired dryers reduce the drying time dramatically and thus allows high production rates. These are not standard dryers and need to be custom built according to your requirement, which is usually based on the moisture content in the product to be dried, moisture removal rate required, total production per day etc.

Fortunately TSSPL offers both solutions for people in the Food Processing Industry - Design, Manufacture and Installation of Solar Dryers as well as Biomass or Gas fired dryers. TSSPL has successfully offered custom built drying solutions for a wide variety of products like drying of tomatoes, onions, chilies etc. and even other articles like handmade paper, in ceramic industry, leather industry and dying industries  etc.

TSS reserves the rights for any improvements in the above specifications, which can lead to higher efficiency and cost reduction of the system.