Box Cooker is a device that uses sunlight for energy. They use no fuel and cost nothing to run. They also help slow deforestation and desertification. Another benefit of solar cooking is that unlike cooking with fire, Solar cookers don't pollute the air. Solar cookers are also sometimes used for cooking outside, especially when using fire is risky or there is no fuel.





Advantages of TSS Box Cooker

  • Best and affordable way to fight Global Warming at micro level.
  • The ideal cooking system for the rural population where the wood is becoming scares.
  • The most cost effective way of cooking.
  • Unlike urban areas, in rural areas the open land is easily available. 
  • Easy to use as it has wheels to track the Sun.
  • Life of around 5 years and more.
  • No maintenance required as manual tracking.

Silent features

  • 85% reflectivity of reflectors
  • Long life of the box cooker
  • Easily portable with the help of castor wheels
  • Tough and rough design
  • Curved surface ends for safety of the users to prevent cuts and bruises.