Climate change issues and depletion of fossil fuels have forced civilized world to look for clean and green energy alternatives. Cooking is one of the most basic application area which consume large amount of fuels. Asian and African countries are blessed with ample Sun and Switching over to 'Solar Cooking', can help to resolve the issues to some extent.

In India community cooking is practiced on large scale at mid- day- meal schemes in schools, Aanganwadis (Pregnant women, mothers and child care center), old age homes, temples, aashrams and charitable organizations. It is possible to shift many such institutions on community solar cooking and save lot of fossil fuels and firewood. In recent years development of community dish cookers like SK-14 and SK- 28 and SK - 40 have shown great potential in energy saving and mass deployment of technology.

It comes with the reflective area of 4 Sq. M. The SK - 40 model is tested by RTC, MNRE and we are registered manufacturere in the list of MNRE known manufacturer. 

TSS reserves the rights for any improvements in the above specifications, which can lead to higher efficiency and cost reduction of the system.