SK- 14

Dish cooker is used for faster outdoor cooking than solar box cooker. This dish cooker is specially made for a family of about 8 - 12 persons. It concentrates sunlight to a single point. When this point is focused on the bottom of a pot, it can heat the pot quickly to very high temperatures which can often be comparable with the temperatures achieved in gas and charcoal grills. / Rural families who use traditional mud stoves (dirty stove) and uses firewood, cow-dung and crop residue etc.

The applications of SK - 14 is mainly in rural, forest and semi-urban areas. Small Aganwadis serving food to around 15 kids and scattred defense personals can also take the best advantage of this handy dish cooker.

TSS reserves the rights for any improvements in the above specifications, which can lead to higher efficiency and cost reduction of the system.