Solar Cabinet dryer is apparently a hot box where wide range of products can be dried. It consist of a rectangle box insulated at base and covered with double layered transparent roof possibly a toughen glass. For ventilation holes are provided at the base of box to circulate the fresh air. The outlet is provided at the side and rear panel of the box. The box can be of M.S. or wood as per requirement and for higher efficiency inside rear panel can be covered through Aluminum sheet or foil or any other reflective material.

As the temperature in the box increases, hot air passes out of upper aperture by natural draft creating a partial vacuum and inducing fresh air up through bottom resulting constant perceptible flow of air over the drying product placed on perforated trays to facilitate air circulation. The hot air gradually removes the moisture content of the product.

Wide applications in food, herbs and spices.

TSS reserves the rights for any improvements in the above specifications, which can lead to higher efficiency and cost reduction of the system.